Anonymous donor donates to support creating an ALS biobank with NSW Health

We have some great news.

An anonymous donor has donated to support Iggy’s latest mission in creating an ALS biobank with NSW Health. The support is for 5 years and a huge help in our attempt to solve this disease. The NSW biobank is a state of the art facility where we will store samples from patients that anyone in Australia can access.

We plan to start taking first biological samples in early 2020 and create a network of neurologists across the country that will help guide us and provide the much needed samples that researchers desperately need.

The biobank is the first in an open source focus on ALS. As Iggy Get Out has been studying the genomic information for the last three years, it’s now time to start sharing that information. We can only get the answers we seek through collaboration so in 2020 Iggy Get Out’s aim is to become a repository for samples and data that can be accessed by everyone researching ALS.

By doing this more people can look at the disease at the same time and hopefully we can get answers sooner rather than later.

We are still to hear back on our Genomic Health Futures grant application, but if successful this will tie in wonderfully with this mandate.

We would like to thank all our donors and helpers so far and look forward to a successful 2020.