What makes us different is the openness to collaborations with a single goal to find strategies to provide cure or functional cure to Bertha. The lack of sharing of information and collaboration is a frustrating limit to what can be achieved in this arena. Iggy Get Out is committed to sharing information and collaborating with as many different organisations and people as possible. We are already sharing information with institutes across the globe. It is critical that we keep this process open, so that together we can all move forward and use power in numbers to help solve this mystery.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please get in touch with details of your project:


Citizen Science

Iggy Get Out is changing research by harnessing the powerful minds of the public. Today’s Citizen Scientists can look at data and problems in different ways not bound by dogma. Our first genome hackathon with our research partners will be commencing in January 2018. If you know anyone that maybe interested, please email: research@iggygetout.com