Dr Aurélie Cazet

Scientific Consultant

Aurélie is a scientist with over 10 years of clinical and scientific expertise in cellular and molecular biology. At the Kinghorn Cancer Centre, she successfully managed oncology research projects from concept to Phase I Clinical Trial, working at the interface between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare practitioners. In collaboration with Novartis, she demonstrated the first clinical benefit from a Cancer Associated Fibroblast-directed therapy in patients with metastatic triple negative breast cancer. In parallel, she holds a Conjoint Senior Lecturer Position at the University of New South Wales where she delivers guest lectures in Cancer Pathology.

Recognition of her medical expertise is evidenced by her invitation to national and international conferences, the acquisition of funding as Chief Investigator and her current position in the Medical Affairs Department of Janssen (pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson).

Prior to the Garvan Institute, Aurélie firstly took a PhD course in Cellular Biology and Health in Lille, in the North of France. She then conducted personalised therapeutic research at one of the world leading medical institutes, Yale School of Medicine, combining fundamental science with strong clinical interactions.