Chief Scientific Officer

Nitin Saksena

Iggy Get Out is led by our CSO Nitin Saksena Ph.D. 

Nitin has published over 200 papers and is a world respected scientist who has been responsible for some of the most interesting developments in virus-associated neurodegenerative diseases. 

He brings in a wealth of experience, expertise and knowledge in genome biology and gene regulation, in addition to our relationships with biochemists, scientists, doctors and bio-informaticians at the highest level worldwide.


Matt Keon

Matt Keon brings with him over 20 year’s experience in the health sector. From high profile patient compliance campaigns for Oncology, Rare Diseases, Rheumatism, MS, Obesity, Diabetes and PKU, to technological innovations such as 

Matt also has a wealth of communication and advertising experience where he was responsible for innovation in creative problem solving doing extensive research on working memory capacity with Liverpool John Moore’s University and instigating a round table approach to creativity. It is this thinking that he brings to Iggy Get Out and the research space with the aim of trying to solve complex issues with ‘bisociative’ thinking (the bringing together of different frames of reference to create something wholly new). Iggy Get Out’s approach is to deliberately create ‘brokerage opportunities’: individuals from different backgrounds, with high levels of distinct tacit knowledge, combining to create innovative and practical ideas.

Iggy Get Out Advisory Board:

Scientific Advisor

Dr Alan Robertson

Alan Robertson holds a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Glasgow. Following a post-doctoral appointment with the Nobel Laureate, Sir John Cornforth, he took a position as a research scientist with Wellcome plc (now part of the pharmaceutical company GSK) working on drug discovery research into prostaglandins and serotonin. 

While Head of Drug Discovery at Kinacia, he invented the antiplatelet drug KN309 that was licensed to Astra Zeneca. During this time, he was also the CEO of Praxis and Promics. Praxis later became Pharmaxis Ltd and Alan led the company as its CEO from start up in December 1999 through to March 2013, taking the company through public listings on the Australian Stock Exchange and on NASDAQ; raising more than $350 million in the US, Europe and Australia. Alan built a drug discovery capability within Pharmaxis that led to the discovery of PXS4728 – now licensed to Boehringer Ingelheim for the treatment of NASH. 

Presently, Alan is the CEO and Managing Director of Alsonex Pty Ltd a company developing a new treatment for MND. He is also a non-executive director of Advent Ltd and an advisor to the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia.

Scientific Advisor

Kip Dudgeon

Dr Kip Dudgeon is a specialist healthcare investment analyst at Magellan Financial Group, one of Australia’s largest global fund managers. Prior to joining Magellan, Kip was Manager of Commercial Operations and Corporate Development at the newly established Kinghorn Centre for Clinical Genomics, a division of Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research. There, he helped establish one of the world’s first clinical genomics companies, GenomeOne. Previously, he was Business Development Manager at the Garvan, helping the Institute's researchers commercialise their discoveries through partnership with biopharmaceutical companies and venture capital investors. He has extensive therapeutic drug development experience, working at several early-stage biotechnology companies including G2 Therapies and 3M Health. Kip has a first class honours degree in science from UNSW Australia, and conducted his PhD in Medicine at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. His research has generated over a dozen peer-reviewed articles and several worldwide patents that led to the formation of start-up biotechnology company, Solvanix Pty Ltd, in 2015.

Scientific / Bioinformatics Advisor

Boris Guennewig

Boris Guennewig is a bioinformatician/statistician specialising in the analysis, management and mining of large complex datasets through the development of software, infrastructure and pipelines for medical research. He presently holds a Senior Lecturer position at the University of Sydney with Prof. Glenda Halliday utilising large biomedical datasets, for the identification and characterisation of phenotypic, genetic and transcriptional changes influencing complex human diseases (such as bipolar disorders, Parkinson’s, Frontotemporal Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, etc.). 

Boris has gained national and international recognition for his expertise which is evidenced from his invited presentations at conferences and the running of workshops all over the world as well as through his collaborations with research groups at Harvard University, the Salk Institute and many other notable research facilities throughout the world. After undertaking his undergraduate studies in chemistry, Boris attained a PhD in Nucleic Acid Research & Medicinal Chemistry with Dr. H Towbin & Prof. J Hall from the ETH Zurich, Switzerland and worked in the field of Immunology with Prof. D Vestweber at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Germany.

He is the founder of Pacific Analytics Pty Ltd where he and his team build software frameworks and analysis pipelines for the International Cerebral Palsy Genetics Consortium and Iggy get out! to hold, analyse and distil knowledge out of highly dimensional biomedical data sets.

New board member announcement coming soon.


Iggy Get Out works with the some of the brightest up and coming minds.

We aim to foster our students careers and research in as many ways possible.