We have come together because we believe we can solve the mystery of MND and find a solution by looking into areas that current medical research is ignoring.

We believe that MND is not a gene specific issue, rather a network issue that relates to an underlying viral infection and subsequent auto-immune dysfunction.

We think an auto-immune component plays most of the role in this disease and it has been widely overlooked.

We are fully committed to finding the cause of the disease and we are determined to make a revolutionary breakthrough in the search for underlying genetic modalities in MND


Led by a strong team of advisors and scientists, we are working to understand and hypothesize that:

  1. MND is not a gene-specific issue, rather a network issue that relates to an underlying viral infection and subsequent auto-immune dysfunction
  2. The immune system plays a significant role in MND and NDs and these pathways in these diseases have been widely overlooked. They will look at the pathways and systems related to immune dysfunction which may provide clues to the role of infection in NDs.
  3. The miRNAs have the potential to reveal specific gene targets.

Still with us?… now let’s get into some heavier science and find out exactly what and how we are working to prove our hypotheses:


The story of our life is imprinted in the genome, then why we don’t look at the genome to unveil the secrets of neurodegenerative diseases. We are living in an era where we can now sequence the whole human genome (>3 billion base pairs) in quick time. The disease programming takes place in the genome, therefore, the genome carries vital information about a disease that we can’t see from the outside, and can guide us in understanding the disease.

We are currently studying Motor Neuron Disease and other NDs at the genomic and sub-genomic levels. Some studies have overlooked the associations between gene expression and its regulation, which we have taken on board as our integrated approach for understanding how genes are regulated by miRNAs. We see the biggest chances of success because of the holistic and in-depth nature of our approach.

Understanding the significance of MicroRNA:

Iggy Get Out is especially focused on MicroRNA and their importance in the understanding of critical genes that are targeted by miRNAs.

Our artificial intelligence modelling team will uncover new and specific MicroRNA candidates that control the expression of critical genes involved in MND and ND’s.

Further, this data will be strengthened through our access to several ALS and ND databases that will provide a global perspective on all of these diseases.

Development of a Specialist Precision Laboratory:

Our main goal is to get a special laboratory up and running as quickly as possible. This lab will be a state-of-the-art facility designed to address any and every issue we encounter in addressing vital questions. As this is for the people, by the people, to the people, our aim is that everyone will be able to benefit from the expertise and precision analysis the lab will provide.


Help us solve the mystery and find a treatment for Neurodegeneration diseases.


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