Personalised science for neurodegenerative diseases

Our organisation was born with a different ideology, based on collaboration and adopting an outside the box approach to Neurodegenerative Diseases (ND’s).

Our unique approach, disruptive process examines these diseases by looking at commonalities between them, rather than treating them as different. The reason for this is the central sites governing the manifestation of each of these diseases are juxtaposed in the brain and all the ND’s have underlying neuronal issues, inflammation and autoimmune dysfunction.

Similarly, as we begin to see all these ND’s panoramically, we also treat every patient differently who may have an avenue for a personalised treatment whether drug, vaccine or genetic therapy.

We are examining the connection between different entities by integrating them into a single informatics platform in order to visualise ND’s (Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers and Huntington’s disease) holistically and discover what commonalities NDs share so we can design appropriate new generations of treatments and possibly cures.

It is a bottom-up processing of datasets wherein there is progression from the individual elements to the whole picture.

Our process is based on similar sequencing and bioinformatics principles that Elaine Mardis has had success with in treating cancer, putting 17 out of her 20 patients into complete remission.

Some of the high profile institutions we are collaborating with are in China, US, Spain, Singapore and Australia.

We are a registered not for profit with a strong governance and advisory board. Our success, so far, has been attributed to putting to use 100% of the funding we are received directly into research and equipment.

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